Flight Delay Claim Companies Fees Comparison

Ever experienced flight delays of more than 3 hours? Under EU law, you could receive compensation up to 600€ (approx. $700) per person minus provision through a claim company.

You can claim compensation for


Flight Delays of more than 3 hours


Canceled Flight without prior notice

Denied Boarding due to Overbooking

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AirHelp, FlightRight, ClaimCompass, SkyRefund & ClaimFlights Fees Comparison

Which flight delay compensation claim company pays the best EU261 Claims?

Under EU Regulation 261/2004 Your payout* (as Flight Delay Compensation)
for less than 1500 km


for 1501 to 3500 km


for more than 3500 km


Flightright €125.75 €201.20 €301.80
AirHelp €125 €200 €300
ClaimCompass €125 €200 €300
SkyRefund €125 €200 €300
ClaimFlights €187.50 €300 €450

*Note: This research was conducted on 27th May 2021 to find the claim companies’ payout and customer ratings for US or residents outside of the EU. Payout is calculated after an assumption, that the case was taken into court, and a service fee and a legal action fee was charged. If a price range is mentioned, we have taken the highest price in the range.

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First of all, one has to say that all the above-mentioned claim companies offer the customers fair help, which is connected with a high amount of work to enforce the EU air passenger rights.

Claiming compensation for flight delays or cancellations is expensive nowadays. Many flight claim companies have changed their price model in percentage.

Thus, it has become difficult for the end-user to understand how much costs arise with which provider exactly. This leads to inconvenience for the user to pick the best flight delay claim company.

Some claim companies like AirHelp and SkyRefund even have a consecutive commission model in which customers have to pay for the service and the legal action with different percentages.

It is hard for the claimants to determine the final price they had to pay with such price lists. Thus, we have taken an initiative to test different claim cases with the respective claim companies, publish their price in numbers, and made a comparison.

We have provided the total cost in numbers; your final compensation shows the amount you will get after the deduction of all costs. It lets you understand how much you can get after deducting the other charges like service fee, admin fee, legal action fee, and VAT.

We have compared renowned flight delay claim companies’ fees to let you know who provides the best compensation amount. Also, you will get to know about their services based on their customer reviews and ratings.

This article was created to the best of our knowledge in May 2021. We have tested the internet sites and prices with a Non-EU customer profile and chosen the price option for Non-EU tax residents.

Tips to choose the best flight delay compensation company

In addition to the amount of compensation, you should consider other factors such as,


Company Registration

It makes sure that the claim company you choose is a registered legal firm.


Customer Feedback

Check what feedback do their customers leave for their claim service.

Claim Process

Claim process, of course, should be with minimal effort and fast.

Additional Hidden Cost

Check their additional hidden costs, and read their terms and conditions.

Claim Experience

Check for the claim companies experience with passengers’ claims.

Security Factors

Security factors such as submitting your data via a secured network.

Company Location

Location of the Company. There could be possible communication problems with international companies.


Easily accessible or user-friendly service (chat or online support).

Secrets to learn before you choose the claim company

A registered legal firm might bring the benefit that your claim is insured against bankruptcy, and the firm is supervised by the government. In case of issues, you can turn to the supervisory authority and complain about the firm, and the government helps you.

If the firm is a “claims farmer” or in an exotic destination, you might get issues. There are flight compensation companies who claim to be able to help you. Still, all they’re really doing is getting your details, usually via a website, and then selling your case to a registered firm or solicitors! There aren’t many solicitor firms doing these claims.

ClaimFlights has claimed thousands of EU claims and has the knowledge and networks to bring claims through.

By the start of 2021, many claim service providers introduced new pricing systems, including:

  • Total cost over 50% to be represented in court (i.e., service and legal action fee)
  • Systems with a price range from 25% to over 50%
  • Administrative processing fee £25
  • Sometimes difficult to understand discount and voucher systems
  • Many companies advertise their charges in percentages. However, it’s easier for users to work with absolute numbers.

You should also have a short look at their terms and conditions. Some companies hide high costs in their T&Cs.

Check if the company charges an additional ‘service fee’ when the case goes to court or other costs like wire fees.

AirHelp Fees

AirHelp Limited is a legitimate company with headquarters in Hong Kong, China. AirHelp charges 35% (including applicable VAT) as a Service Fee and in case the claim has to be presented in court they charge an additional 15% (including applicable VAT) as a legal action fee.

Thus, they charge 50% of the compensation amount if the case has to be presented in court.

You may be interested in checking Airhelp fees comparison with ClaimFlights: Airhelp vs. ClaimFlights

AirHelp Reviews & Ratings

AirHelp had a lot of reviews over ‘Trustpilot’, where you can read customers’ reviews about their compensation service, fees or commission, experience, etc.
AirHelp’s rating over Trustpilot is 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 103,729 customer reviews (as of June 2021). It is a measure of customer satisfaction based on the number of reviews, age of reviews, and average star rating.

How much Airhelp charges?

When legal action is required, they charge a 15% additional fee along with their 35% service fee. Thus, you can expect 50% of the compensation from AirHelp.

Airhelp Commission

Travel distance Under EU law you get AirHelp Fees
(35% service fee + 15% legal action fee)
Through AirHelp you get
up to 1500 km €250 €125 €125
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €200 €200
more than 3500 km €600 €300 €300

All information about their prices was taken from the price list “Published: 2019.10.15” accessed on 27th May 2021.

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ClaimCompass Fees

ClaimCompass is a registered brand of ClaimCompass, Inc., with headquarter in USA and Corporate office in Bulgaria.

ClaimCompass charges 35% of compensation as a Service Fee (including applicable VAT) and charge additional 15% of compensation as a legal action action fee in case the claim has to be presented in court.

Thus, they charge 50% of the total compensation amount if the case has to be presented in court.

ClaimCompass has 4.7 stars out of 5 over Trustpilot for its services based on 1,530 customer reviews.

ClaimCompass Commission

Travel distance Under EU law you get ClaimCompass Fees
(35% service fee + 15% legal action fee)
Through ClaimCompass you get
up to 1500 km €250 €125 €125
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €200 €200
more than 3500 km €600 €300 €300

FlightRight Fees

FlightRight is a registered brand of Flightright GmbH incorporated in Germany. They charge 20-30% of the successful claim as a service fee, plus 19% VAT applied to total fees and an additional 14% if the case has to be presented in court (lawyer fee).

FlightRight Reviews

FlightRight has 4.3 stars out of 5 over Trustpilot based on 245 customer reviews.

The table shows how much the user is charged if they choose Flightright. Due to their price model being in range, we have taken the average range i.e. 25% to find out the approximate receivable compensation.

FlightRight Commission

Travel distance Under EU law you get FlightRight Fees Fees
((30% service fee + 19% VAT)+14% Lawyer fee)
Through FlightRight you get
up to 1500 km €250 €124.25 €125.75
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €198.80 €201.20
more than 3500 km €600 €298.20 €301.80

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SkyRefund Fees

SkyRefund is a registered brand incorporated under Bulgarian Law. SkyRefund charges 35% of the compensation amount as a service fee, including VAT, and if the case has to be presented in court, they charge an additional fee of 15% as a legal action fee, including VAT.

So in total, they charge 50% of compensation if legal action is required. The table shows how much the customer will receive if they claim through SkyRefund.

Skyrefund Commission

Travel distance Under EU law you get SkyRefund Fees
(35% service fee + 15% legal action fee)
Through SkyRefund you get
up to 1500 km €250 €124.25 €125.75
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €198.80 €201.20
more than 3500 km €600 €298.20 €301.80

ClaimFlights Fees

ClaimFlights is a company incorporated in Germany licensed by the German government. ClaimFlights is a EUIPO registered trademark of Claim Flights GmbH. ClaimFlights charges 25% on the total claim amount for Non-EU customers, and there is no upcharge for legal action.

US citizens and other non-European nationalities do not have to pay VAT and would have to pay only 25% as the final fee to ClaimFlights.

ClaimFlights does not charge any admin fee or wire fee for IBAN wires and writes invoices for free.

ClaimFlights Reviews & Ratings

ClaimFlights has 4.3 out of 5 stars over Trustpilot based on 219 customer reviews for its services, experience with legal experts, etc.

ClaimFlights Commission

Travel distance Under EU law you get ClaimFlights Fees
(25% service fee)
Through ClaimFlights you get
up to 1500 km €250 €62.5 €187.50
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €100 €300
more than 3500 km €600 €150 €450

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Flight Claim Management Companies Fees Overview

Let’s summarize AirHelp, ClaimCompass, FlightRight, Skyrefund, and ClaimFlights fees.

Case (if presented in court) Under EU law you get Your Payout With Best Payout
AirHelp ClaimCompass SkyRefund FlightRight ClaimFlights
British Airways Flight BA355 on 01.10.2018 €250 €125 €125 €125 €125.75 €187.50 Claim Flights
Ryanair Flight FR6371 on 03.05.2021 €400 €200 €200 €200 €201.20 €300 Claim Flights
American Airlines Flight AA37 on 04.05.2021 €600 €300 €300 €300 €301.80 €450 Claim Flights
Note: We have assumed that the case has to be shown in front of the court. Thus, the payouts are calculated after deducting all costs, including a service fee and legal action fee.

When it comes to the question of “Who is the cheapest provider among the flight compensation claim companies?” ClaimFlights is found to be the cheapest and can be classified as the best flight delay claim company.

Voucher, coupons, discounts and other price reductions

To the best of our knowledge, none of the above-mentioned claim companies offers any kind of voucher. Just AirHelp and FlightRight promo codes, coupons seem to exist and might be offered by travel agencies.

If you have travel vouchers or coupons from one of these companies, you can send the details when asking for flight delay compensation. Coupons or vouchers can be redeemed for the best price while claiming your air passenger rights.

Your rights to compensation for delays or cancellations

According to the EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers are entitled to compensation up to €600 (approximately USD $700) from the airlines for flight delays of 3+ hours, flight cancellations without prior notice, and denied boarding due to overbooked flights

In order to be eligible for compensation, it should be the airlines’ fault and not due to extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather or “force majeure”.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to ask for compensation the airline owes, often it’s denied or there is no response to the customer’s letter or email.

So if it does not work out on your own, “Flight Delay Claims Companies” can help you get the money back – often even in the shortest possible time.

What does ClaimFlights offer?

Success Fee 25%

A fair price is 25% of flight delay compensation (final fee for Non-EU Customers). No additional VAT.

Superior Flight Data

Superior flight data and leading processes, It has already handled several thousands of passenger rights claim cases.


No Other Fee

No Hidden Cost, Admin Fee or Wire Fee. Cheap costs and a fair alternative.

Claim Professionals

Personal ClaimFlights claim experts as the caseworker and Customer Support via chat, email, phone or login area.

High Quality

Quality guarantee and high-profit ratio in court (close to 100% success ratio in court).

Effective Claim Process

State-of-the-art technologies, the whole process of claim handled online without printing or mailing (exceptionally in case of court proceedings).

ClaimFlights strictly work on a “No win – No fee” basis

If you choose ClaimFlights, the brand for claiming flight compensation, which follows European law – you have nothing to lose. They work on a no win – no fees basis. That means, if they do not win your case, you have to pay nothing. Only if they win, they recover their cost from the reimbursement paid by the airline. If you have already submitted a claim, you can use their contact form, chat function, or login area to clarify any questions regarding your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Airhelp safe to claim for flight delays?

AirHelp has its representatives in Denmark and a registered office in Hong Kong, China. So, it’s safe to enforce your rights through Air Help.

Which is the best flight delay claim company?

ClaimFlights charge very less service fee compared to others.

Why opt for a claim firm instead of the airlines?

Basically, all claim management firms work on a ‘No win No fee’ base, thus you are at no risk of losing money even if legal action is required. They take away the hassle, work and follow up of the claiming process.

Whereas, if you approach the airlines directly, you may have to bear a lawyer fee and lose money if the case is not in your favor. You may have to follow up with the airlines and have to spend your valuable time.

Who are the AirHelp alternatives?

ClaimFlights, Flightright, ClaimCompass, SkyRefund, and RefundMe, Givt are its alternatives, who can enforce your claim against the airline.

How do flight compensation companies work?

Most of the companies ask you for a power of attorney to handle your case. This is normal, and probably the best way to represent you in front of the court, or to the airline company. It gives the authority to the company to work on behalf of you.

Basically, all companies offer a login area or an app with which you can follow the status of your case.

Once the money is received from the airline they charge their service fee and wire the money to your account.

How much do I have to pay for legal experts?

There are no costs for engaging the contract lawyers because ClaimFlights indemnifies you of all costs. If we lose a case in court, we bear full costs as we provide service based on the ‘No Win No Fee’ policy.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Esenia Ulbrich

Esenia Ulbrich

Founder & Legal Head

Esenia Ulbrich is the founder of ClaimFlights and heads the legal team. She holds a master's in business administration and loves sailing in the Saronic Gulf, hiking in the Alpes, and spending time with her daughter.

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