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This site is for important groups with which we work together.
We can make the world a better place. A part of this better world starts by forcing Airlines to deliver the flights in time and to fullfill their legal requirements. Publishing content on passanger rights and how to claim these rights is top of our list. We focus on producing quality content nowhere else available on the internet. We keep a steady stream of high quality news, laws (in our law database) and blogs. Bloggers are invited to join us on our mission to fight for customer rights and to spread our content. If you like to blog about us we can help you with our knowledge to write your own high quality content. Just contact us under pr(at) or via our blog, we are happy to support you in all flight claim topics.
We offer a broad set of PR templates and information’s. Have a look in our PR portal or contact us to be included in our PR distribution list. Feel free to contact us if you need specific information.
Lawyer, flight insurance and Court support
If you are a lawyer, an insurance company or you need court support to claim flights for your customers you can contact us and profit from our outstanding passangerrights, weather, news and legal databases. We provide you information on delayed flights for small budget. We can even offer you automated calcullation of claim amounts and automated sending of claimletter to airlines. You have to do nothing more than to provide the data. If you are a flight insurance company working for the airline industry we can provide you flight data for your B2B insurance handling with an outstanding database.
You own a page with heavy traffic – a flight, travel booking or other site – and you want to profit by click on your traffic? In many cases claiming flights is a 100% add on business with no canibalization to your current travel and flight booking sites business. Claiming flights adds a real benefit to your customer and takes nothing from your current business. Your customers will be thankfull to you if you recommend us. Talk to us, we run our own Affiliate program based on conversion with our own measurements and fair pricing policy.