Airport Delay Compensation

If you’re delayed for more than 3 hours, or your flight was cancelled, or you were denied boarding due to overbooking, EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles you to claim compensation up to 600€.

Eligibility To Claim Compensation:

1. In Case Of Delays

  • Flight should have been departed from an EU airport (regardless of the airline, EU or non-EU) and should get delayed on arrival for more than three hours
  • If your flight was an EU regulated airline, you’ve the right to claim even either of the airport was in EU Member States (arrival or departure)

2. In Case Of Cancellations

  • Your flight was scheduled for departure from an EU airport (regardless of the airline, EU or non-EU), and you were not informed at least 14 days before
  • If your flight was an EU regulated airline, you’ve the right to claim even either of the airport (arrival or departure airport) was in EU Member States

3. In Case Of Denied Boarding

  • You should have been denied to board your flight involuntarily, due to overbooking of flight seats
  • It should be an EU regulated airline or the departure airport of your flight should be in EU (European Union).

4. In Case Of Missed Connection

  • Your flight should have booked under same leg
  • Delay should be of minimum 3 hours to claim

Note: There will no compensation if the situations are not under control and caused due to any extraordinary circumstances (such as Extreme Bad Weather, Tsunami, Terrorism Attack, or any other natural disasters)

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List Of Airports For Which You Can Claim Compensation Under EU Regulation 261/2004

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Here we have compared 3 different ways to claim compensation:



Higher Fees (£50 to £500, + Hearing Fees)


Risk of losing money


Hours of your time are spent


Result unknown



Zero Cost Risk & Additional legal databases


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Takes only 2 minutes to Claim


Close to 100% Success rate



Low cost risk, most airlines ignore customer claims


Case might end up in court


Takes hours of your time


Outcome Unclear

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