MyFlyRight Reviews, Claim Service, and Customers’ Experience in Comparison with ClaimFlights

MyFlyRight and ClaimFlights are the leading flight compensation service providers that assist air passengers in requesting compensation for canceled or delayed flights on a ‘no win = no fee’ basis.

Under EU Regulation 261/2004, you could be entitled to financial compensation of up to 600€ for flight delays, flight cancellations, and denied boarding due to overbooking.

In this guide, readers will explore MyFlyRight and ClaimFlights, how these flight claim companies operate, and assess its standing as a flight compensation claims company based on customer reviews.

It’s important to acknowledge that ‘MyFlyRight’ competes with ‘ClaimFlights,’ both being trademarks registered with the EUIPO. This research aims to uphold objectivity, fairness, and transparency.

Flight compensation companies like ClaimFlights and MyFlyRight can assist passengers in claiming compensation from airlines for canceled or delayed flights.

What is MyFlyRight?

MyFlyRight, a flight compensation claim company, assists air passengers in claiming compensation for flight delays, cancellations, or denied boarding.

Founded in September 2016, with additional services released in May 2019 including options for additional costs, luggage, and ticket refunds. MyFlyRight is registered as MyFlyRight GmbH, incorporated in Germany.

The company expanded its operations in the United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, and Switzerland.

How does MyFlyRight work?

MyFlyRight positions itself as an expert in passenger rights, assisting customers in securing compensation of up to 600€ per person (minus their success fee) for flight disruptions. The company charges a service fee in successful cases based on the claimed compensation.

A streamlined process allows customers to submit claims in just minutes, saving time and effort. MyFlyRight offers dedicated support and legal expertise throughout the claims process, ensuring passengers’ rights are upheld against the airline.

How to claim your compensation from MyflyRight?

To claim your compensation from MyFlyRight, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your flight details, including the flight number and flight date.
  2. Choose the issue you encountered, such as “On time,” “delayed,” “canceled,” or “denied boarding,” and optionally add a connecting flight.
  3. Select the actual time of arrival and click “Future.”
  4. Choose the reason for the flight disruption, such as Technical defect, Check-in Weather, Strike, Missed connecting flight, or Miscellaneous. Note: Compensation is not applicable in cases of “force majeure” or “extraordinary circumstances.”
  5. Within moments, determine the amount of compensation you’re eligible to claim from the airline.
  6. Assert your rights with MyFlyRight by providing your personal information and authorizing them to act on your behalf.

Upon successful resolution, you may receive compensation of up to 60.25% of the actual compensation amount, after deducting MyFlyRight’s commission, service fees, and legal costs. You can track your claim status on MyFlyRight login.

How much does MyFlyRight Charge?

MyFlyRight charges a fee of 25% plus VAT. In the case of legal action, an additional 10% fee is applied.

Consequently, if legal action becomes necessary, MyFlyRight will request up to 39.75% of the compensation amount, considering the 19% German VAT.

Myflyright also offers immediate payment within 24 hours, which can cost up to 35% + VAT as their commission.

Flight route Compensation under EU law MyFlyRight Provision
((25% service fee + 19% VAT) + 10% legal process fee)
Payout from MyFlyRight
Up to 1500 km 250€ 99.38€ 150.62€
1501 km to 3500 km 400€ 159€ 241€
Over 3500 km 600€ 238.5€ 361.5€

MyFlyRight Reviews and Customer Experience

Here are some customers’ reviews and experiences shared on Google for MyFlyRight:

You can check out what others have written about MyFlyRight, such as their thoughts on the service, the fees involved, and the helpfulness of their customer support.

Many people have praised MyFlyRight, but there are also some negative experiences shared.

Here are a few brief snippets from Google reviews about MyFlyRight:

Myflyright-review- EN-salmon

MyFlyRight Alternatives

The top 5 alternatives are

  1. ClaimFlights
  2. Flightright
  3. AirHelp
  4. EU Claim
  5. FairPlane

MyFlyRight Contact

Email: [email protected]

That’s all to say about MyFlyRight: how they work, their reviews, customer experiences, their alternatives, and how to contact the company. Now let’s talk about ClaimFlights.

Was your flight delayed? You may be eligible for compensation

Has your flight been delayed for more than 3 hours or even canceled? Don't worry, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ under the EU Regulation 261/2004.
Check if You're Eligible

We offer "No Win - No Fee" Services, so claiming is Risk-Free!

What is ClaimFlights?

ClaimFlights is a flight compensation legal company founded in 2014 that specializes in pursuing flight compensation for airline passengers. ClaimFlights has trademark status with the EUIPO under Claim Flights GmbH and is approved as a debt collection and legal service provider.

ClaimFlights is best known for its high payouts compared to other flight compensation claims processing companies. It offers flight compensation services worldwide per the EU Regulation EC 261/2004.

ClaimFlights is one of the well-known names in Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy and Globally. ClaimFlights doesn’t charge additionally when legal actions are involved.

How does ClaimFlights work?

ClaimFlights operates on a no-win, no-fee basis to process your compensation claim. Here is the 6-step process to claim compensation with ClaimFlights:

  1. Enter your flight details including flight number and flight date.
  2. Select the problem you faced like “My flight was delayed”, “My flight was canceled”, “My flight was diverted”, “I was denied boarding”, etc.
  3. Let’s say your flight was delayed by 4 hours and 3 minutes, update the arrival time. Normally it automatically detects the actual arrival time based on their database. If this is not correct, you should update it manually.
  4. Select the reason for the flight disruption. Unfortunately, there is no compensation for “force majeure” or “ extraordinary circumstances ”.
  5. And within a few seconds, you can find the amount of compensation you can claim from the airline.
  6. You can enforce your rights with ClaimFlights by providing your personal information and engaging them to work on your behalf.

ClaimFlights Provision

ClaimFlights charges a commission of 25% of the compensation (no additional VAT) for non-EU customers. There are no additional costs, even if the case goes to court.

ClaimFlights does not charge a fee for transfers to IBAN accounts and issues invoices free of charge. No administration charges or any hidden costs are involved with ClaimFlights.

How much does ClaimFlights charge?

ClaimFlights charges a service fee of 25% for outside EU residents. And, no additional legal charges even if legal action becomes a necessity.

Here is a complete summary of ClaimFlights fees:

Route distance Compensation under EU law ClaimFlights Provision
(25% for non-EU citizens)
Payout through ClaimFlights
Up to 1500 km 250€ 62.5€ 187.50€
1501 km to 3500 km 400€ 100€ 300€
more than 3500 km 600€ 150€ 450€

ClaimFlights Customers’ Experience

As of April 2024, ClaimFlights boasts a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google, based on 69 reviews. This review reflects their exceptional service, claim experience, and more.

Here are some experiences customers have left for ClaimFlights on Google:

You can see what people have said about ClaimFlights, like how they feel about the service, the fees they charge, and how helpful their customer support is.

Lots of people have said good things about ClaimFlights, but some have also shared bad experiences.

Here are a few short bits from reviews on Google about ClaimFlights:



ClaimFlights Contact

ClaimFlights Website:
ClaimFlights Hotline: +44 (0) 20 33 18 48 66
ClaimFlights Email: info[at]claimflights[dot]com

MyFlyRight or ClaimFlights, who pays best?

Flight route Compensation under EU law Payout with MyFlyRight* Payout with ClaimFlights*
up to1500 km 250€ 150.62€ 187.5€
1501 km to 3500 km 400€ 241€ 300€
3501 km or more 600€ 361.5€ 450€
You receive 60.25% 75%
Total fee 39.75% 25%

* For non-EU customers. For cases brought to court. The analysis was carried out in April 2024.

The table shows the payout after deducting the commission (total costs) when the respective passenger rights services are used. We have considered legal action to be mandatory to calculate the receivable payout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Myflyright a legitimate company?

Myflyright is a registered company authorized to handle flight compensation claims and provide legal services.

Is MyFlyRight worth it for passengers?

MyFlyRight’s value depends on individual cases and flight frequency, with fees deducted from compensation only upon successful claim resolution.

Is ClaimFlights a trustworthy company?

Yes, ClaimFlights is a legitimate flight compensation service provider with a proven track record of helping passengers since 2014.

Do I have to pay for ClaimFlights’ legal services even if I’m unsuccessful?

No, there are no upfront costs for hiring ClaimFlights’ lawyers. They operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning you only pay if your case is successful.

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Result unknown



Zero Cost Risk & Additional legal databases


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Close to 100% Success rate



Low cost risk, most airlines ignore customer claims


Case might end up in court


Takes hours of your time


Outcome Unclear

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