Plane seats: which are the best airplane seats, why and how to choose it

Which are the best airplane seats, why and how to choose it

Jan 6, 2020

Air travel these days is so common place that getting the best airplane seat on a flight can be quite a task. Anyone on a flight wants to have a smooth run without little infants kicking at the seat or your co-passenger battling for the armrest. Also, you want to be sure that you have enough leg space to stretch out if you are tall.

If you’re travelling by business or first class this may not make much of a difference to you.
However, the majority of the travelers fly economy, so chances of being allotted one of the best airplane seats in this class are minimal.

If you land up at the check in counter in time for your flight you will be allotted a random airplane seat. This may not be the best place to sit on a plane and can result in a horrible flight. On the other hand, even when you do a web check in and get a chance to choose your own seat, chances are that you’re not quite certain about which are the best seats in flight.

How to figure out which are the best airplane seats and best places to sit on a plane?

When choosing airplane seats there are a few things that you need to look out for to get the best airplane seats. Leg space, seat width, convenience of movement, better reclining space and greater comfort are some of the things that we need to keep in mind when looking for the best seat in flight.

So, if you do have the option of choosing your seat in economy class, here are some suggestions for the best place to sit on a plane.

When on a short business trip, the best place to sit would be an aisle seat, closer to the front of the plane so that you can grab your luggage from the overhead bin and disembark quickly. For a long haul you may want to consider a window seat where you can rest your head.

Window seats on the left side of the plane and the seats close to the front are better as it’s less noisy up in the front. There is less movement of passengers as most will move towards the bathrooms at the back. Added to this, the position of the door makes the the left side windows a bit off-center, which makes it easier to use the column between the windows to rest your head.

On a long flight you can be sure to avoid being disturbed if you have a window seat. Co-passengers who regularly need to use the washrooms or flight attendants serving a co-passenger in the middle seat won’t bother you.

Middle seats can be quite cumbersome if one has to constantly move for another passenger. Aisle seats are good for those who need to use the bathroom frequently but can be quite disturbing.

Passengers on the move or beverage carts can sometime brush up against you, which can be quite annoying especially if you want to rest.

For a flyer whose heart starts pounding at the slight hint of turbulence, a seat over the wing would be the best place to sit on a plane. Airplane seats at both ends will feel the bumps if there is any turbulence. If your budget isn’t too tight you should consider choosing a bigger plane for a smoother ride. You can normally view the type of aircraft that you’ll be flying in beside the fare prices.

However, what if you’re one of those persons with extra-long legs? Sitting in a normal airplane seat could prove to be a little uncomfortable as they can be a little cramped. For someone who needs more leg room, an aisle seat in the emergency row would be the best option. There are 2 emergency exit rows on most planes, but taking a seat in the second row is preferable.

The reason being is that the people in the seat in front of you will not be able to recline. Children aren’t allowed in these rows so if you’re traveling with family you’ll probably have to rethink your seating.

Although the bulkhead row is also considered to be one of the best places to sit on an airplane for taller people, the first bulkhead row can sometimes be a little cramped. The bulkhead row is great when you’re traveling with children as the extra space in front will allow them to stand up and move about if they need to. These rows are also closer to the washrooms and easier to access during a bathroom emergency.

Seat your children’s in the middle seat or near the window if you’re in the bulkhead row. Looking out of the window can be a good distraction for them. Being away from the aisle will also ensure that your kids are out of the way of rushing passengers or beverage carts.

Bulkhead rows are the rows that are immediately behind the barriers that separate different sections of a plane. These are a great option for tall people as there are no seats in front but make sure that all the bulkhead rows are the same.

Taller or bigger made people should also be aware of the seat pitch. This refers to the space between seats. A higher pitch means more legroom. Many traveler sites provide information about pitch and also have seat maps for almost every plane so you can have a better understanding of the layout.

Someone who is on the heavier side should definitely consider an aisle seat as the arm rest at the side can also be lifted up for better comfort.

Now that you’re more aware of the kinds of airplane seats that are available for better comfort, you’ll need to follow a few tips to be able to secure these seats.

Tips for getting the best airplane seats

Being a part of a frequent flyer program will put you in line for an upgrade to business class or first class where seating is more comfortable. If you fly regularly, you can use the loyalty points to get an upgrade.

Airlines these days also offer you the option of buying economy class seats of your choice. During the time of booking your ticket you can select the seat of your choice for a small additional fee. However, be sure to book your ticket well in advance as there will be other passengers selecting seats too, just like you!

Sometimes it may not be possible to book your seat in advance, but during a web check in you can either confirm the seat that you’ve already selected or opt for a better one.

Make sure you reach the airport well in time because if you’re late, it’s quite possible that the airline will give your seat away to someone else. If you’re on a short a business trip and don’t have any check in baggage you’ll have more time on your hands as you can walk straight through.

If you’ve booked your tickets through an agent, be sure to inform them of any medical condition or disability that you might have. Also, be sure to let them know that you need seats next to younger or older family members. Agents will do their best to get you a good seat if you’re courteous.

A little extra knowledge about airplane seating will go a long way in helping you have that relaxed flight. Choose the seat of your choice, strap yourself in, and sit back to enjoy your next flight.

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