Flightright or ClaimFlights – Compensation Service, Experience and Reviews

FlightRight and ClaimFlights are competing flight compensation companies that assist stranded passengers on a “no win = no fee” basis. Under EU Regulation EC 261 of 2004, you can receive compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. The compensation is up to €600 (minus commission for successful claims).

In this article, we will compare two consumer flight portals and get to know about Flightright, exploring how it operates and assessing its reputation as a flight compensation claim company based on its customers’ experiences.

Later, we will analyze their fees and read about their customer reviews and what opinions they have about their air passenger rights service.

If you’re unfamiliar with your rights regarding canceled or delayed flights, it’s crucial to grasp the conditions for making a claim and the potential compensation available. Check out these informative guides:

Important to note: ‘Flightright’ and ‘ClaimFlights’ are both EUIPO registered trademarks and competitors in the industry. This analysis was conducted by ClaimFlights with the intention of being as objective, fair and transparent as possible.

Additionally, avoid confusion between MyFlyRight and Flightright; a common error. Myflyright stands as a distinct entity in the realm of flight delay compensation.

Flight Compensation Claim Companies, including ClaimFlights, Flightright or Airhelp, are dedicated to assisting passengers in securing compensation from airlines.

What is FlightRight?

FlightRight, a EUIPO registered trademark of Flightright GmbH, stands as a prominent player in the flight compensation recovery sector, with its headquarters nestled in Berlin, Germany.

This organization dedicates itself to supporting passengers in obtaining compensation for various air travel disruptions. These include flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding due to overbooking, and issues with missed connecting flights. With over a decades of experience, Flightright has been a reliable partner for air travelers, advocating for EU air passenger rights.

In a strategic move to broaden their service spectrum, Flightright acquired Flugrecht.de. Further expanding their reach in 2021, they integrated their Danish competitor, Flyhjælp, into their fold, thereby enhancing their presence in the Scandinavian market.

Presently, Flightright offers its flight claim services across multiple countries, embracing regions like Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Sweden, Estonia, the UK, and the US.

How does Flightright work?

FlightRight provides a streamlined solution for passengers seeking compensation for flight-related issues such as delays, cancellations, missed connections, or overbookings.

Their service operates on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis. This means you pay only when they successfully secure compensation from the airline on your behalf. There are no upfront payments or fees unless FlightRight triumphs in obtaining your compensation.

How to Request Your Compensation Through FlightRight?

To claim your flight compensation through FlightRight, simply follow these steps:

  1. Provide specifics about your original flight plan, including destinations and arrival details.
  2. Specify the departure date of your flight. Options include ‘Within the last 4 days’ or other specific dates.
  3. Indicate if your journey included a connecting flight. Select your planned flight or the relevant option if it’s not listed.
  4. Share your complete flight itinerary and identify the type of disruption you faced – be it a delay, cancellation, or denied boarding.
  5. Describe the cause of the flight disruption, whether it was technical issues, a strike, weather conditions, or other factors.
  6. Provide your booking code and any further information regarding the incident. Every detail aids in the assessment of your claim.
  7. Enter your contact details, including your name. Sign the notice of assignment to formally proceed with your claim.

You could receive compensation 50% of the actual compensation after the deduction of their commission, including service fees and legal action fees, taking into consideration their higher fee schedule.

Flightright Commission Structure

Flightright’s commission model involves a service fee ranging from 20 to 30%, plus 19% German VAT as a basic charge. In cases where legal action is required, an additional 14% fee is applicable.

Including the 19% VAT, the total service fee ranges between 23.8% and 35.7%. However, if the case escalates to court, an extra 14% legal action fee may also be applied, potentially bringing the total service charge to as high as 49.7%.

It’s noteworthy that while individual inquiries might not always receive immediate responses, passenger rights portals often have established relationships with airlines.

Some airlines, despite losing multiple court cases, may still be reluctant to promptly pay compensation for flight delays. This scenario necessitates legal intervention in certain situations.

Here’s a Breakdown of Flightright Fees Under EU Law (as of 29 Dec 2023):

Route Distance Compensation under EU law Flightright Fees
(20 – 30% service fee + 19% VAT + 14% legal action fee)
Flightright Payout
up to 1500 km €250 €124.25 €125.75
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €198.80 €201.20
more than 3500 km €600 €298.20 €301.80

The table above assumes the higher end of the advertised fee range (20 to 30% + 19% VAT) and includes the legal action fee. For instance, on a €600 compensation, up to €298.20 may go to Flightright, leaving €301.80 for you.

The significant variation in commission rates could be attributed to the likelihood that once a customer enters their data, they are less inclined to cancel their entry due to higher fees.

Experience with Flightright

Customer reviews is a vital aspect of understanding a company’s service quality. Here, we explore customer experiences with Flightright, as reflected in their reviews on Google.

Flightright Google Reviews Erin Wright
Flightright Google Reviews Denis Marcon
Flightright Google Reviews Meeta Singh

Flightright Reviews

FlightRight has 3779 reviews (as of December 2023) and is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google. Google is generally considered a reliable source of customer feedback.

These reviews collectively provide insights into what Flightright’s customers have expressed regarding various aspects of the passenger rights service, including fees, commissions, and overall experiences.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick processing: Despite the absence of a mobile application, Flightright offers a smooth and rapid claim submission process. This efficiency in processing claims is a significant advantage for users.
  • Stress-Free and Effortless: Initiating a claim through Flightright’s web portal is straightforward. With the necessary documents, users can start the process easily and without any cost, contributing to a hassle-free experience.


  • Massive cut in commission: One major downside is the potential for up to a 50% deduction in compensation, particularly when legal action is required. This high commission rate can significantly reduce the final payout to the client.
  • Communication Issues: A common concern among customers is the lack of effective communication. Many have reported receiving only automated responses to their queries, leading to a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction.
  • Failure in Compensation Recovery: Some clients have experienced unsuccessful outcomes after submitting their claims. Despite providing all necessary documents, they did not receive the expected compensation, discovering later that their claims were not successful.
  • No Mobile app: The lack of a dedicated mobile app can be seen as a drawback. A mobile application could potentially streamline and enhance the claim submission process, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Flightright Alternative

When considering alternatives to Flightright for flight delay compensation claims, the following five companies are notable:

  1. ClaimFlights
  2. MyFlyRight
  3. EUClaim
  4. AirHelp
  5. FairPlane

These companies are recognized as the top competitors in the field, each offering unique services in flight delay compensation claims.

Source: Top 5 Flight Delay Compensation Claim Companies

Flightright Contact

For those seeking to contact Flightright, here are their details:

  • Website: flightright.com
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number (Hotline): +49 (0) 331 9816 9040, +49 (4) 956 1316 0031

That’s all about Flightright, covering how they operate, customer reviews, experiences, alternatives to their service, and contact information.

Let’s now shift our focus to ClaimFlights. We’ll explore how it works and which company can be advantageous to enforce your rights to compensation.

Was your flight delayed? You may be eligible for compensation

Has your flight been delayed for more than 3 hours or even canceled? Don't worry, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ under the EU Regulation 261/2004.
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What is ClaimFlights?

Founded in 2015, ClaimFlights emerges as a legal entity specializing in flight compensation for air passengers. ClaimFlights holds the status of being an IPO-registered trademark under Claim Flights GmbH.

Renowned for offering higher payouts compared to many of its competitors in the flight compensation claim management sector, ClaimFlights has carved out a notable presence, especially in Germany, Poland, Romania, and Italy. The company extends its services globally, adhering to the guidelines set by EU Regulation EC 261/2004.

ClaimFlights is a flight compensation claim company incorporated in Germany registered by the German government to claim flight compensation on behalf of stranded air travelers. ClaimFlights takes the lead in automatically processing legal cases.

They automatically decide about the place of jurisdiction for you. If they know that the specific court makes very “airline-friendly” decisions, they automatically direct your case to another court.

How does ClaimFlights work?

ClaimFlights offers a streamlined process for claiming flight compensation, operating under the principle of ‘No win, No fee‘’. This means you only pay for their services if they successfully secure your compensation.

Here’s a detailed look at their 6-step claim process:

  • Start by entering the specifics of your flight, including the flight number and date.
  • Choose the issue you encountered, such as “My flight was delayed”, “My flight was canceled”, “My flight was rerouted”, or “I was denied boarding”.
  • If your flight was delayed (e.g., by 4 hours and 3 minutes), update the time of arrival. The system typically auto-detects the actual arrival time from their database, but if it’s incorrect, you can manually correct it.
  • Specify the cause of the flight disruption. It’s important to note that for reasons classified as ‘Acts of God’ or ‘Exceptional Circumstances’, compensation is not applicable.
  • In just a few seconds, the system calculates the amount of compensation you can claim from the airline.
  • To proceed, provide your personal details and assign ClaimFlights to work on your behalf to enforce your rights for compensation.

ClaimFlights Commission

ClaimFlights adopts a straightforward commission model for its services, particularly for non-EU customers.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of their fee structure:

  • Commission Rate: ClaimFlights charges a commission of 25% of the compensation amount. This rate is applicable to customers outside the European Union.
  • No Hidden Costs: Notably, there are no additional costs, even if the case requires legal proceedings in court. This policy ensures transparency in their pricing.
  • VAT Exemption for Non-EU Citizens: US citizens and other non-European nationalities are exempt from paying VAT in the EU. Consequently, they are only liable for the 25% service fee, with no additional VAT charges.
  • No Transfer Fees for IBAN Transfers: ClaimFlights does not impose any transfer fee for payments made via IBAN transfers. Moreover, they issue invoices without any extra charge.

How much does ClaimFlights charge?

ClaimFlights charges a service fee of 25% for customers outside the European Union. There are no additional costs charged even if the case is to be taken to court.

Here’s a full summary of ClaimFlights charges

Route Distance Compensation under EU law ClaimFlights Fees
(25% in total)
Through ClaimFlights you may get
up to 1500 km €250 €62.5 €187.50
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €100 €300
more than 3500 km €600 €150 €450

ClaimFlights Reviews

ClaimFlights has 30+ reviews with 4.4 of 5 ratings on Google (dated December 05, 2023). It’s hardly possible for anyone to write fake reviews on Google.

claimflights review 1
This rating reflects the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service. The involvement of experienced legal professionals in their process further enhances their service quality.

The abundance of positive reviews from verified individuals on Google highlights ClaimFlights’ proficiency in advocating for EU air passenger rights. Customers consistently commend their effectiveness and reliability in securing compensation, underscoring their excellence in the field.

This notable track record positions ClaimFlights as a trusted and reputable choice for passengers looking for support and compensation in the face of flight inconveniences.

Selected Customer Reviews from Google:
CF- reviews Petru Marius Arusoaie
CF- reviews Seppe Ramaekers
CF- reviews John McCullough

Pros and Cons


  • High payout: ClaimFlights stands out for offering higher payouts, ensuring that clients receive a substantial portion of their entitled compensation without any hidden fees.
  • Transparency: The company maintains complete transparency throughout the claim process. When a case goes to court, it’s fought by a lawyer, and every step is clearly communicated.
  • Good customer support: ClaimFlights offers round-the-clock customer support. Clients can reach out to their hotline or consult with a legal expert at any time.
  • Free Compensation Calculator: A notable feature is their free compensation calculator. This tool allows you to check your eligibility for compensation without the need to enter personal information.
  • Superior Login Area: Clients have access to a user-friendly login area where they can monitor the real-time progress of their claim, adding a layer of convenience and engagement.


  • Limited Language Availability: One of the drawbacks is that ClaimFlights’ services are available in only 11 languages, which might limit accessibility for some international passengers.

How to Contact ClaimFlights

If you need to get in touch with ClaimFlights for assistance, queries, or to initiate a claim process, here are the various ways you can contact them:

  • ClaimFlights Website: claimflights.com
  • ClaimFlights Hotline: +44 (0) 20 33 18 48 66
  • ClaimFlights Email: info[@]claimflights[dot]com
  • ClaimFlights Login: Support Portal

FlightRight or ClaimFlights, who makes the best payment?

Flight Route Distance Compensation under EU law Payout with FlightRight* Payout with ClaimFlights*
1500 km or less €250 €125.75 €187.50
1501 km to 3500 km €400 €201.20 €300
3501 km or more €600 €301.80 €450
You receive 50.3% 75%
Total Fee 49.7% 25%

*Note: The table considers the higher end of the price ranges for both services. The analysis was carried out in December, 2023.

It’s often challenging for passengers to decipher the exact fees from the general terms and conditions provided by these companies. Understanding precisely how much you will pay and what you will receive in compensation is crucial for making an informed decision.

That’s why the table above is designed to offer a clear and straightforward comparison, allowing passengers to make a fair assessment. The compensation amounts are calculated in euros as per EU Regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is FlightRight a legit company?

It is a legal flight compensation company that asserts compensation claims against airlines in the event of flight delays and cancellations. It is registered in the EUIPO as a debt collection company and legal service provider.

How long does Flightright take?

This is not possible to say. It might take anywhere from a minimum of 3 months to over a year for Flightright to successfully claim your compensation after you have submitted your documents.

How much do I have to pay for ClaimFlight’s legal expert?

There are no costs for hiring contract lawyers, as ClaimFlights exempts you from all costs. If we lose a case in court, we bear all costs as we provide services on a “no win, no cost” basis.

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Low cost risk, most airlines ignore customer claims


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