Top 10 Best Airlines In The World 2019

Top 10 World’s Best Airlines of 2019

Dec 12, 2019

With more and more people taking to the skies, the aviation industry has upgraded its facilities tremendously. So choosing the best airline can be quite a dilemma, especially when so many top airlines offer facilities.

The world’s best airlines continuously strive to make flying a surreal experience to ensure that customers come back to them.

From loyalty points to better in-flight services and product offerings, low-cost airlines there is no dearth of the services that are on offer. However, how does the common man know ‘which is the best airline in the world?’

Every year, the Airline Excellence Awards are handed out by a rating site based out of Perth, Australia. Seven editors from the agency rate the airlines according to various criteria such as passenger reviews, operational safety, fleet age, product offerings, to name a few.

After weighing the performance of the airlines according to these criteria, the best airlines in the world are selected.

So, let’s check out the top 10 list of 2019

1. Singapore Airlines:


This year, Singapore Airlines dethroned Air New Zealand to be crowned as the best airline in the World. It has been quite an achievement for the Asian airline which was in the third-place of these rankings in 2018.

One of the chief reasons for Singapore Airlines grabbing the World’s top spot is because of the changes that it has made to its fleets.

The upgradation of its A380s to include the much-lauded first-class suites, and business class seats with a revamp of everything has been highly appreciated. No wonder the airline also won the title for the ‘Best First Class’.

Also, the addition of new long haul routes especially the longest route from Changi International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport has added another feather to the cap of the popular airline.

In keeping with this long haul flight was the introduction of the newest next-generation jets, the Airbus A350-900ULR. (ULR – ‘ultra-long-haul’). Singapore Airlines was also awarded the best airline in the world last year by Skytrax.

2. All Nippon Airways:


All Nippon Airways (ANA) was highly rated for its passenger service and so was Japan Airlines. ANA has revamped its airport lounges and also upgraded its in-flight services.

Since 1999, All Nippon Airways has been a member of Star Alliance. Its frequent flyer program has more than 29 million members. It was recognized for having the “World’s Best Airport Services” and “Best Airline Staff in Asia,” based on passenger surveys in 2017.

3. Qatar Airways:


Another entrant from the region to make it to the elite top 10 is the Middle East’s Qatar Airways, which did not feature in the top list last year.

It occupies the number four spot in this year’s rankings, probably due to the introduction of its business-class QSuite on its Boeing 777-300ER planes.

he QSuite has also contributed to the airline being awarded the Best Business Class. Qatar Airways also managed to dethrone Qantas to receive the award for Best Catering.

4. Qantas Airways:


It is one of the oldest airlines in the world. Qantas is also the country’s largest domestic and international airline. It is best known for long distance flights and it’s on-time performance.

Qantas however, held onto its title of having the Best Lounges, which the judges described as ‘exceptional.’ QantasLink was also awarded Regional Airline of the Year. It is also known for frequent flyer programs which are designed for customers to attract them towards the airline.

5. Cathay Pacific:


Cathay Pacific has continued to improve its standards as well, making it a primary reason for the airline to continue to stay on the top of the rankings. A new yoga center and a redefined menu on board have added to the allure of flying with the carrier.

What is rather surprising is that no airlines from the Americas or Europe made it to the top 10 spots in the rankings. Although Delta (Americas) and Lufthansa (Europe) were also awarded Best Long Haul Airline, it is quite evident that airlines from the Asia-Pacific region seem to have found more favor in the rankings.

6. Japan Airlines(JAL):


It is one of the largest airline company in the country. The headquarter is situated in Tokyo. It flies around 60 domestic and more than 30 international destinations in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America. JAL is part of the Oneworld alliance and also has codeshare arrangements with 30 other airlines.

It is awarded the highest quality rating of 5 stars by Skytrax. JAL has won Best Economy Seat at the World Airline Awards three times. It is also awarded the Best Airlines in Japan 2019 travelers choice awards by TripAdvisor.

7. Virgin Australia:


It is one of the largest airlines in Australia, and it is the largest airline by fleet size to use the Virgin brand. Virgin Australia awarded several awards such as World’s best cabin crew by It is recognized as a 5-star airline and it claims to have the best business class lounge.

Virgin Australia named Inflight Airline of the Year in November 2017. Virgin Australia was recognized for its innovative approach to passenger experience including the introduction of wi-fi and innovative vision-impaired user interface.

8. Emirates:


Emirates Airline is the largest airline in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates is the world’s largest airline and is among the fastest-growing carriers worldwide, pursuing a fastest growing network. It is known for its first class luxurious service offered to passengers.

Emirates has once again bagged the award for the Best-In-Flight-Entertainment. Emirates has also crowned Best Long Haul Airline. Emirates recently crowned Airline with the Best First Class, Best Economy Class, Best Frequent Flyer Program and Best Airport Lounge.

9. Air New Zealand:


Air New Zealand has been the undisputed winner of the top spot for the past five years and has continued to maintain its standard. Although it lost the top spot after reigning supreme for five years, it is still the Second Best Airline in the World. The airline also bagged the award for Best Premium Economy. No surprises there as its spacious seats, growing network and premium touches are top class.

10. EVA Air:


EVA Air is basically from Taiwan. EVA Air has also crowned Best Long Haul Airline. EVA has introduced some new in-flight conveniences for its passengers which will definitely add to the experience of flying with the airline.

This should not come as much of a surprise as airlines in the region have continuously upgraded their standards to stay ahead of the competition. There is a growing awareness by travelers in the region about the top airlines in the world and these rankings do influence their choices. That is also one of the primary reasons that rating agencies take travelers’ feedback very seriously.

Rank Airlines Awards Rating Reviews(As per 2019)
1 Singapore Airlines “World’s Best Airlines” Awards 2018. “Best Airline In The World” 2018 Travelers Choice Awards By Tripadvisor. 5 star Customer rating from 1081 reviews 7/10
2 All Nippon Airways “Airline of the Year” Award 2018 by Air Transport World 5 star Customer rating from 476 reviews 8/10
3 Qatar Airways “World’s Best Business Class” Awards 2018 by Skytrax, “Best Business Class” Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards 2018 5 star Customer rating from 1470 reviews 7/10
4 Qantas “Best domestic service” Awards 2018, best lounges, and best regional airline. i.e “Triple Award-Winner Qantas Does Domestic Best” 4 star Customer rating from 1382 reviews 6/10
5 Cathay Pacific “Best Economy Class” Awards 2018, “Best Entertainment” APEX Regional Passenger Choice Awards 2018 5 star Customer rating from 1213 reviews 7/10
6 Japan Airlines “World’s Leading Airline – Premium Economy Class 2018” 5 star Customer rating from 319 reviews 7/10
7 Virgin Australia “World’s Best Cabin Crew” for 2019 by 4 star Customer rating from 712 reviews 6/10
8 Emirates “The World’s Best Inflight Entertainment” Awards 2018 by Skytrax. “Best Entertainment Winner 2019” by Apex Passenger Choice Awards 4 star Customer rating from 1810 reviews 6/10
9 Air New Zealand “Second Best Airline in the World – Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards 2018”. Airline of the Year 2018 – Travel Weekly 4 star Customer rating from 617 reviews 6/10
10 EVA Air “World’s Top-10 Airlines 2019”, “Best Long-Haul Airline 5 star Customer rating from 539 reviews 8/10
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