Travelling alone: 8 tips for a solo traveller

8 important tips for a solo traveller

Jul 10, 2019

You just don’t know what an adventure is if you haven’t been on a solo trip. Traveling alone is the best thing to do if you are or want to become an adventurous person. A trip can be unique with a friend, family or just with a special person beside you. But when you travel alone, the experiences that you have to live can make it an unforgettable memory.

So, if you haven’t been on a solo trip before, stop waiting and start planning. Don’t get carried away by myths, these types of activities are easier to organize than you even imagine. Next, we will leave you a list of 8 solo travel tips that can be very useful.

1. A little research before booking

Voyaging solo may make you feel quite helpless in a new spot. Before you book any hotel, a little research might help in the long term. Always make sure to stay at a hotel with several high rankings or Airbnb property. If you want to know more about staying at the Hotel, Hostel or Airbnb which one is more preferable?

This will provide ideas about the hotel service, surroundings, and whether there’s anyone else as a tenant is sharing the room with you. If you want privacy a single room at the hotel would be enough for you. This step is important in terms of privacy and security. If you get lost somewhere, you can ask local guides for help.

2. Save the trust for later

A standout amongst the best motivations for a single traveling is meeting new people. However, a solo trip might additionally be your weakness as well.

That’s alright to hang out, travel, and sit down with new companions. Best way to communicate with new people is to strike up a conversation with them. Yet you might not want to trust them with everything like money or legal documents.

Traveling by yourself helps you be open to all options, but don’t lose your focus from your own protection to guarantee your wellbeing.

3. Always carry emergency contact numbers

This tip is a smart thought for each traveler, solo travel or group travel. Make a rundown of emergency contact numbers.

The rundown can incorporate personal contacts like home or friends, and some other important telephone numbers you may require. You can also incorporate your bank’s free contact information in case your card is stolen or at other times.

4. Travel insurance

Travel safety is the most important factor in solo traveling. We really don’t want to scare you, especially if you are planning a solo trip for the first time. But to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your experience, it’s always important that you have travel insurance.

The purpose of these insurances is that in case of an emergency, you are not helpless: there are medical policies, even loss of luggage policies. The best thing about these insurances is that they have broad economic coverage and are very cheap.

5. A single supplement should be a ‘NO’

Some travel agencies or third-party gateways may require two individuals to share a hotel room.

In case you want it all by yourself, you need to make payment for a single supplement and the agencies make their predicted profit even if you bring a room partner. These charges are usually informed before final booking, however, please ensure to ask beforehand.

You can find a few different ways to get rid of the hassle of single supplements. You can stay away from it by booking with agencies offering ‘stay companion matching’. In this case, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel, or Road Scholar can come to your help.

6. Do unique on the solo trip

While traveling by yourself, you may be reluctant to attempt new things. Single travel is the best opportunity for you to take a stab at something that you cannot do usually.

Like you can spend the whole day visiting a museum when you usually prefer to hang out at the beach, or the other way around. You can also hang out with a small group of tourist. There should be something you can do alone that you cannot do in your daily life.

This travel can likewise be a superb chance to check out something from your bucket list. You can do solo adventurous stuff like bungee jumping or Skydiving.

7. Avoid excuses and just do it

Walking alone gives you the opportunity to avoid the excuses of your friends or family and do what you want to do. You didn’t have to avoid the beach because your friend was allergic to dust or any other reason.

Now you can go to the beach to take your tan without any excuse. On a solo trip, you’ll realize that you have no reason to pull yourself behind. So start taking ownership and do what you have been planning to do. This best and only chance for you to get out of your comfort zone.

8. An investment for yourself only

Nowadays, detaching from everything else, finding time on your own is rare. It’s so typical to be online all the time and difficult enough to stop at a certain point. Indeed, even on the travel with friends and family, it’s very enticing to share your photos.

But on a solo journey you will (and frequently will) find yourself taking continuously longer breaks from online life. You’ll understand then that exactly how better it feels to get out into reality and having energizing interactions with the real world.

You might be getting nervous about your next solo trip, but please don’t. It could truly be a standout amongst the most charming life events you’ve ever had. For sure, it’s amusing to capture moments with your loved one.

But solo voyagers have the greatest travel experience of all time. You simply need to have positivity and optimism. And that’s what will help to set for the next solo journey.

Pramod Ram

Pramod Ram

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Pramod Ram heads the Online Marketing and Content Marketing Team at Claim Flights GmbH. He loves to travel, read books, watch movies and do intensive research.

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