Enforcing EU Rights: What It Costs to Get Flight Delay Compensation?

Have you ever experienced a flight delay and felt like no one was listening to you or even trying to do anything about it?

You’re not alone. When airlines fail to pay proper compensation, many travelers feel like something’s been taken out of their hands.

You don’t have to sit back and twiddle your thumbs when your flight is delayed—you have the power to enforce your EU rights. But are you wondering how much that would cost?

Here’s the deal: ClaimFlights understands how important it is for travelers to get maximum reimbursement when they’re due — that’s why we offer superior services at the most reasonable rates out there.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of what you need to know about enforcing your EU rights, including what could potentially be owed to you and how much commission claim companies charge for flight delay claim services. Let’s dive in!

What is the EU Regulation on Flight Delay and Cancellation Rights?

If you’ve ever experienced a delay or cancellation of a flight, you’re probably aware of the EU Regulation commonly known as “EU261”. This regulation is designed to protect travelers from certain experiences and losses due to delays or cancellations of flights. Under this regulation, passengers may be entitled to compensation for flight delay or cancellation.
In order to claim your right to compensation, you need to understand the stipulations of EU261 and how it applies to your situation. Generally speaking, these rights are applicable when:

  • The delay is more than 3 hours
  • The flight was canceled less than 14 days before departure
  • The flight departed from an EU airport, regardless of the airline’s nationality
  • The flight was going solely within the EU on an EU airline
  • The flight disruption was caused due to airline’s fault and not due to unavoidable circumstances

If these conditions are met, it’s likely that you can claim compensation.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Claim Company?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your right to compensation or refunds for delayed or canceled flights, you may be wondering about the cost. How much does it cost to hire a claim company, and is it worth it?

Here’s how things work: when you work with a claim company to enforce your EU rights, you don’t pay a fee upfront. Instead, they will negotiate on your behalf with the relevant airlines and collect any fees from the awarded compensation if your claim is successful. This usually works out to be 25-50% of the total amount awarded.

In other words, a claim company can save you time and effort in recovering flight delay compensation so that you don’t have to worry about gathering evidence or dealing with frustrating paperwork. And since their fees come out of the award on a successful claim, there’s no risk in working with them—you only pay if they’re able to get you what’s owed.

What Services Do Claim Companies Provide?

So you’re trying to figure out what services a claim company can provide you? Well, a lot of them offer the same services, such as helping you identify if your flight delay is eligible for compensation by researching your rights under EU law. They also charge a fee that ranges from 25-50% of the compensation awarded, depending on the claim company you’re using.

At ClaimFlights, we provide those services and much more. Here are just some of the additional services we offer:

  • We guarantee a maximum payout so you will receive the maximum than some other claim companies.
  • We provide free legal advice from lawyers to ensure that your rights are protected and respected at every step of the claims process.
  • Our experienced customer service teams will help guide you through the entire application process and make sure that everything is taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.
  • We also offer no-win-no-fee solutions so that you have nothing to lose by filing for compensation with us.

All these advantages make ClaimFlights an attractive option for those seeking flight delay compensation under their EU rights. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get the maximum payout possible!

What Happens After You File a Claim?

Filing a claim through ClaimFlights is the first step toward getting your flight delay compensation. As soon as you file a claim, ClaimFlights will get to work to contact your airline and enforce your rights under EU law.

The next step is negotiating with the airline on your behalf to get you the maximum payout you are due.

But how much does ClaimFlights charge for this? We like that you asked!

ClaimFlights only charge 25% of the amount recovered if a claim is successful. During the process, our team will keep you updated with the status of your case and inform you of any changes throughout. And if we’re not able to reach an agreement with the airline, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Best of all, ClamFlights has a higher success rate and can help you get maximum compensation – even if your case goes all the way to court!

How to Ensure Maximum Compensation With the Right Claim Company?

If you’re looking to make sure you get the most out of your compensation claim, it’s essential to use a reputable flight delay claim company. But how do you know what you should look for when choosing one?

First, consider the fees charged. Look into the fees and costs associated with each company; some companies, like ClaimFlights, won’t charge you at all unless they are successful in helping you win your claim. This ensures that claimants aren’t on the hook for anything until they can get their compensation from the airlines.

Then there’s the process of filing a claim—some companies have lengthy and tedious paperwork processes, like requiring personal information or scanned travel documents through emails. With ClaimFlights, all that is taken care of for you; just provide your flight details and let them handle all aspects of filing a claim.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider the success rate: some companies may be good at winning small claims but not so great at taking on large claims from airlines with long delays or cancellations—and vice versa. With ClaimFlights, their success rate is almost 100% in court and they pride themselves on getting every client they represent maximum compensation quickly and efficiently.

How to Get Your Money After the Flight Delay Is Resolved

Once the flight delay is finally resolved, you need to get your hard-earned money. You could take the DIY route and push through with getting the money yourself, but if you’re looking for maximum payout, you should consider ClaimFlights.
ClaimFlights is among the top flight delay compensation claim companies and offers a simple process for getting your due compensation.

Here’s a quick summary of the process:

  1. Send your claim to ClaimFlights
  2. They’ll check out if you’re eligible for compensation based on EU law
  3. ClaimFlights will handle all communication with airlines until a resolution is reached
  4. Once resolved, they’ll collect your payment and transfer it (after deduction of their 25% success fee) straight to you

Was your flight delayed? You may be eligible for compensation

Has your flight been delayed for more than 3 hours or even canceled? Don't worry, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ under the EU Regulation 261/2004.

Check if You're Eligible

We offer "No Win - No Fee" Services, so claiming is Risk-Free!

Which is the best company to claim flight delay compensation?

ClaimFlights is the best flight delay claim company when it comes to the payout after their 25% service fee. Through ClaimFlights, you could get 75% of the receivable compensation.

The following table gives you a direct comparison of flight delay compensation claim companies.

Your payout* (as Flight Delay Compensation)

For less than 1500 km For 1501 to 3500 km For more than 3500 km
ClaimFlights 187.50 € 300 € 450 €
Flightright 125.75 € 201.20 € 301.80 €
AirHelp 125 € 200 € 300 €
ClaimCompass 125 € 200 € 300 €
SkyRefund 125 € 200 € 300 €

* Source: Price comparison of flight delay claim companies, as of 27th May 2021.


All in all, claiming flight delay compensation requires you to properly assess the eligibility of a claim, to make sure you get the maximum payout for your flight delay or cancellation.

At ClaimFlights, we make sure that our customers get the highest compensation possible, with minimum effort and cost.

We strive to provide a hassle-free experience and complete customer satisfaction. We understand that your time and money are precious and we will be there to guide you through the entire process so that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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Was your flight delayed? You may be eligible for compensation

Has your flight been delayed for more than 3 hours or even canceled? Don't worry, you may be eligible for compensation up to 600€ under the EU Regulation 261/2004.

Check if You're Eligible

We offer "No Win - No Fee" Services, so claiming is Risk-Free!

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