I am packing my suitcase

Apr 4, 2019

The game “I’m packing my suitcase” we still know from childhood. The fuller the case is the scarcer the time, the greater the likelihood that you forget something or phrases called twice. If we pack for a business trip back at the last minute or not enough time to plan to consolidate our holiday luggage, we usually have exactly the same problem.

Here are a few tips on how to save packing for time and nerves and the flight can be enjoyed over, without pondering about whether you really have, and more. And how your clothes arrives in top form at the destination.

  • Be. Before a checklist and go through the various areas (clothes and shoes, toiletry bags, medicine, leisure needs, work tools, etc.) Such a list can be reused for the next business or leisure travel.
  • Place all the things you want to pack up, get out previously. To once again get an overview and can if necessary again to sort parts.
  • The case is bigger, the more you pack automatically. Therefore, make sure that you choose a case that you can fill comfortable with things on the checklist. Books and other heavy objects belong to the trunk floor, all the way down. Keeps your clothing is sure to be sleek to the destination.
  • Fill your boots with socks, belts and other small items. So your shoes stay in shape. Unpack them at their best in shoe bags to protect the leather and your clothes and put them with the culture bag inside the case edge at which the roles are.
  • The lowest layer in case you fill me best underwear, nightwear or rolled-up T-shirts. A towel serves as a cushion for the next layer: trousers and skirts. Put these together along the crease, put the federal government in the trunk and let the legs out first hanging over the case rim. The next layer are shirts and blouses. Insert the button bar down and the sleeves each on the back. Last, before you hit the legs into the trunk, follow suit jackets and blazers. So that you can unpack wrinkle free, connect best every second button and place the sleeves on the side seam.
  • Do not pack or similar to full bottles for shampoo, shower gel, a. Due to the vacuum in this plane can overflow.
  • Other utensils and clothes may be used to fill the gaps.
If you have played through the procedure a few times, you will be when packing faster and safer. If something important is missing, it will catch the eye faster.

If your flight delays for more than 3 hours, or was cancelled, you may be eligible for compensation up to €600 based on EU 261 rule.

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