How Much Does Flight Delay Claim Companies Charge?

You’ve just had your flight delayed or canceled and you’re trying to figure out how to get compensated for all the hassle. One of the solutions is to hire a flight delay claim company which can help with compensation quickly and efficiently – but how much do they charge?

How much does the flight delay claim company charge? It’s an important question, after all, you want to make sure that you are getting the maximum payout. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find out how much a flight delay claim company will take as their fee. Are there any hidden costs associated with it?

To make it easier for you, we did the research and put together this article on what percentage of your compensation goes to a flight delay claim company like Airhelp or Flightright, or ClaimFlights.

We’ll also discuss other options that are available to you so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a flight delay claim company.

Understanding Flight Delay Claim Companies and Their Service

A flight compensation service provider assists air passengers in claiming compensation for flight delays or flight cancellations. They negotiate on your behalf with the airline and help get you the compensation you’re entitled to after their fee.

These companies typically specialize in helping passengers navigate the complex process of seeking compensation from the airlines, especially when the delay or disruption is due to factors within the airline’s control, such as technical issues or crew problems.

The fees charged can vary significantly depending on the company’s policy and the potential compensation amount they can secure for you. Typically, these companies operate on a ‘No Win No Fees‘ basis, where they retain a percentage of the compensation awarded to you which range from 20 to 50%.

The fee is automatically deducted from the entitled amount before it reaches your bank account. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any upfront cost.

To find an estimate of how much you can receive for your flight delay or cancellation using their flight compensation calculator. Make sure to read their terms and conditions thoroughly prior to hiring them as there could be some hidden costs such as administrative charges.

What Is the Percentage That Flight Delay Claim Companies Take?

The flight delay claim company payout varies, but you may be wondering about their commission for EU flight compensation claims.

For better understanding let’s compare ClaimFlights and other flight delay claim companies

ClaimFlights Fee Structure

ClaimFlights retain a fee of 25% including VAT on the amount awarded by the airline. Rest assured, our focus remains steadfast on securing the most favorable outcome for you, without imposing any hidden costs.

Comparative Analysis with Other Service Providers

For instance, AirHelp has a fee structure where they take 35% of your total compensation amount, inclusive of VAT. Moreover, Flightright charges a variable fee ranging between 20% to 30%, plus the applicable VAT. These percentages can significantly reduce the final amount that reaches you.

Handling Legal Actions

Airhelp charges an additional 15% legal action fee inclusive of VAT, and Flightright charges an extra 14% including VAT as a legal fee for court cases. In contrast, the advantage of choosing ClaimFlights is they do not charge any extra fees if the legal action is required.

The following table gives you a better vision on the percentage that a flight delay claim companies charge:

Charges Airhelp Flightright Claimflights
Services Charge 35% 20% to 30% 25%
Legal Action Charge 15% 14% No Charge
Total Charge 50% 34% to 44% 25%

Understanding the Hidden Costs

  • Administrative fees: These cover tasks like paperwork handling and communication with airlines.
  • VAT: Value Added Tax can be added to the overall cost, potentially increasing expenses.
  • Court charges: Legal actions may lead to additional charges related to court proceedings.
  • Currency conversion: If your claim involves currency conversion, expect extra fees associated with the exchange.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: This category may include consultation fees and expedited service charges, potentially adding to the overall cost.
  • Wire Transfer: Some companies may charge additionally for wire transactions.

Which Is The Best Company To Claim European Flight Delay Compensation?

ClaimFlights is the best flight delay claim company for payout after their 25% service fee. Through ClaimFlights, you could get 75% of the receivable compensation.

The following table gives you a direct comparison of flight delay compensation claim companies.

Your payout* (as Flight Delay Compensation)

for less than 1500 km for 1501 to 3500 km for more than 3500 km
ClaimFlights €187.50 €300 €450
Flightright €125.75 €201.20 €301.80
AirHelp €125 €200 €300
ClaimCompass €125 €200 €300
SkyRefund €125 €200 €300

How to Find the Best Flight Delay Claim Company

Here are some tips you to follow to find the best flight claim company:

Step 1: Research and Shortlist Companies

1.1 Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Check out customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the reputation of the company. Look for companies with high ratings and positive feedback.

1.2 Experience and Expertise

Consider the company’s experience and expertise in handling flight delay claims. A company with a proven track record will likely offer more reliable services.

Step 2: Understanding Fee Structures

2.1 Transparency

Opt for a company that offers a transparent fee structure, where all potential costs are outlined clearly upfront.

2.2 No Win, No Fee Policy

Usually, all companies operate on a “no win, no fee” policy, meaning you only pay if you win the case. This policy can be beneficial as it reduces your financial risk. Whereas, you may have to bear upfront costs for subscriptions like AIrhelp Plus.

Step 3: Additional Services

3.1 Legal Support

Consider whether the company provides legal support at no additional cost in the event of a lawsuit filed against the airline.

3.2 Administrative Fees:

This additional fee may be charged by the claim company for handling all the paperwork and communicating with the airline. The basic administrative fee charged is approximately €30. As per the research, EU Claim charges a fee of 29% (including VAT) for a successful claim as well as €33 administration fees per person.

3.3 Multilingual Support

If you are not a native English speaker, check if the company offers support in multiple languages to facilitate better communication.

By following these tips, you can make sure you get the most out of your flight delay claim payout. By avoiding companies that take higher fees and ensuring you get the maximum payout for your delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight!


In conclusion, the fees charged by flight delay claim companies can vary significantly, and it’s essential for travelers to be well-informed about the cost structure before engaging their services. While many companies operate on a percentage-based model, ranging from 20% to 50%, additional fees such as VAT, court charges, currency conversion fee, and miscellaneous expenses may apply in some cases.

To make the most of your compensation claim, it’s crucial to carefully read the terms and conditions of the company you choose and seek transparency to ensure that you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. By understanding the intricacies of how flight delay claim companies charge for their services, you can make informed decisions to minimize hidden costs and maximize your reimbursement.

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