19 Tips for Surviving Long Haul Flights - The Survival Guide

19 Tips for Surviving Long Haul Flights – The Survival Guide

Dec 26, 2019

Do you cherish them or hate long flights? However, long flights don’t need to be something to be feared, they can really be ok on the off chance that you prepare and arm yourself with things that will sit back and help you rest. So here are 19 travel tips that you might want to consider before going on a long flight.

1. Better not to carry on too much stuff

While checked luggage charges are making explorers to carry more and more stuff, on a long haul flight this could be a matter of annoyance for you.

Anything that is under the seat before you just consumes less legroom and a progressively confined living space for 15 or 16 hours. Try to stretch your legs on a regular interval. Try not to bring such a big amount of stuff that you have to fight for your own resting space.

2. Wear the right clothing

Except if you are taking off the plane directly into a conference, a long hour flight is not an ideal opportunity to showcase fashionista over coziness.

You’ll need breathable, comfy garments that let you move unreservedly, shoes you can slip off without much of a stretch, and an additional layer, (for example, a hoodie or pashmina) on the off chance that the plane is too cold.

Try not to wear contacts for the whole time on the long haul flight; rather, wear glasses. Wearing contacts for 14 hours in a row is hazardous for eyes as well.

3. Carry power sources

Make sure you have every one of your chargers with you so you can keep every one of your devices charged all through your flight. On the other hand, bring additional batteries or an external charging gadget on the off chance that your plane does not have electrical sockets or power sources.

However, remember that not all carriers permit these as well. So make sure to cross-check that before carrying.

4. Carry a neck pillow

There are huge amounts of various travel pillows available. Discover which one works for you and go with it. Additionally, not all carriers give covers so you should need to bring your own or if nothing else a comfortable sweater.

5. Sleeping pills

The way to enduring a long flight is having the option to go to sleep. Not everyone likes to take this sort of pills since they prefer to be completely mindful if there is any occurrence of a crisis.

Nevertheless, there are numerous individuals who actually swear by them. Generally, the medication taking is not much preferred always however counsel your specialist first before stepping through anything and examine it out before jumping on the plane.

6. Remember your eye mask

Sleep masks help you make a perfect resting condition by shutting out all the light. Rather than utilizing the shoddy & scratchy eye covers that the flight attendants sometimes distributes among the passengers on long flights, it is better to carry your very own comfy one.

7. Bring earplugs

Bringing earplugs is totally understandable and is basic for a decent night’s rest. On the off chance that you overlook them, the airline crew members might have an additional pair in case you want to check.

8. Noise-canceling earphones

In the event that there is a shouting infant close to you or individuals talking uproariously, earplugs are not really going to work. All things considered, fly on with your noise-cancellation headphones or earbuds and play delicate music, a book recording or contemplation music to overwhelm the commotion and help put you to rest.

9. Remember to carry antibacterial wipes

We as a whole realize that planes are filthy and germy. So, limit your danger of grabbing and spreading germs by utilizing antibacterial wipes to wipe down your armrests, safety belt, situate backplate, and so on. Up to some degree, the sanitized region should enable you to unwind and rest somewhat more easily, particularly on a long flight.

10. Bring snacks/water

On a long flight, you need to have the option to eat and drink as per your own timetable, not the flights. so pack a few tidbits and bring water to stay hydrated. At some major U.S. air terminals, taxi time can be as long as an hour and once you are noticeable all around, it is normally 40 minutes before the group draws out the meals and beverages.

11. Pick your seat cautiously

In the event that you intend to rest for the greater part of the flight, the best seat is more often the one by a window. Then you have something to incline toward and you do not need to stress over your seatmates waking you so they can utilize the washroom.

However, in the event that you think you will be wakeful, at that point get a walkway aisle so that you can get up and extend your legs effectively.

12. Lock yourself in

In case you are intending to rest, ensure your affixed safety belt is noticeable over your garments or cover. That way, the airline crew will not need to wake you up when they do their wellbeing checks if the safety belt sign goes on. In the event that your safety belt is obviously secured, they will not aggravate you.

13. Choose the seat in the back

Just on the off chance that you do not have a most loved seat that is a window seat, go for the aisle seat. It might be a bit noisier. However, if every other person is scrambling for the front, you have an obviously better shot of winding up with a vacant seat or two adjacent to you.

14. Stay away from the family routes

By now if you have already booked the ticket, there is nothing you can do about it. however on the off chance that you have the choice of excluding (for instance) the end of the week New York–to–Orlando route on your agenda, better to take that alternative.

15. Get ready for jet lagging

There are a few things you can do to stay away from jet lag before your trip. Or if nothing else lessen it. Go through the days prior to your flight and start changing your sleeping times.

Book your flight with the goal that it reaches the destination during the day, capitalize on your stopovers, and mostly be very much rested before you fly. Remaining conscious for the 24 hours before the tour since you are certain it will adjust once you arrive simply does not work.

16. Remain stress-free before you arrive

Have a decent breakfast. Hit the gym. Bring a book to read. You will be sitting for the following day and a half, so work off that jumbo box of Toblerone you intend to eat on the plane at this point.

17. Remain healthy

Sitting in a confined metal cylinder for most of the multi-day (or more) is not beneficial for you. Ward off your two greatest adversaries in the sky dehydration and deep-vein thrombosis. Just normally drink water, stretch, and stroll around the lodge.

18. Adjust the time on your watch

It is imperative to adjust yourself to the time zone of any place you are going to. When you jump on the plane, change your watch to the local time of your destination and afterward modify your routine likewise. This will be particularly valuable inside your scarf tent, which exists past the normal limitations of time.

19. Become friendly with the cabin crew members

Just not being repulsive to the cabin crew is always appreciated. However, you could generally go above and beyond and endeavor to be decent.

(Giving out chocolates never harms.) You will not only uprise your chances of particular treatments, yet you will be accomplishing something exquisite for the people who care for you up there.


Long flights are not much to appreciating things when it comes to traveling to another part of the world. Cause anyway the distance is enough for getting disturbed.

But anyway there can solution for the things you cannot ignore, as you have to fly there anyway. So better to make it better instead of just being annoyed. So next time happy flight!

Pramod Ram

Pramod Ram

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